Luke Stephenson is a well-known photographer from North of England, specialized in portrait of inanimate objects. He has come out of his ordinary work and in three years has achieved to picture a whole series of birds marrying them with a perfectly selected background colors.

Luke Stephenson es un conocido fotógrafo del norte de Inglaterra especializado en retratos de objetos inanimados. En esta ocasión, ha salido de forma excepcional de su línea de trabajo habitual y ha conseguido fotografiar durante tres años toda una serie de pájaros con fondos de colores perfectamente elegidos.



“An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds began with a very simple idea, that I wanted to photograph budgies. I met a great deal of people (mostly men) who were very knowledgeable about their hobby and only too happy to share it with me. Their enthusiasm became infectious so that by simply photographing a species I felt I was adding it to my collection.”